2Wire Router Installation Made Easy

How to Install 2Wire Router

What is a 2Wire Router?

A 2wire was actually a home networking Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)  manufactured by telecommunication companies who have a hardware, software and other services supported. This 2Wire Router requires 192.168.l.l for its installation.

A router with such configuration of wire or 2wire is called a 2wire router. This kind of router helps us to enable the digital subscriber loop (DSL) for home based networking connectivity. It is also capable of giving a firewall protection.

Currently, 2wire routers are more popular in the market and give more performance as it comes with wifi and security services.

IP address for 2wire router

As we know every router has got its own IP address given or assigned by the company or the manufacturer. When if you don’t have any idea about the IP address of the router, Instead of wasting your precious time and trying random IP address hoping anyone among them to work, we would suggest some default IP address for the router. here is the list of IP addresses



3) 192.168.l.0



6) gateway.2wire.net

7) http://gateway.2Wire.net

Steps to install a 2wire router

Follow this steps to set your 2wire router as your current running router

Step 1: Remove your router from the box

It is better to check whether all the accessories are already existing in the router box or some items have gone missing. If you feel some things missing, better contact the manufacturer.

Step 2: Connect your router to your computer

Take the thick Internet cable from the box and connect it to one of the ports labeled “Ethernet” back of the 2wire router and the other end of the cable goes to the  Internet/LAN port of your computer or the laptop. Generally, there is only one port for the computer which makes it easy to find.

Step 3: Switch on the 2Wire router

Take the power adapter and plug your router into an electric source or an outlet. enable the device by pressing its power button. Lights may appear within the router.

Step 4: Access the homepage

Now we need to enter the right and default IP address of the router assigned by the manufacturer. The login page of the router must appear when you enter your valid IP address of router along with Https:// in the search box of the web browser.

Step 5: Login to the router

when you are able to see the homepage of the router, they will be a user_id and password facilitated to the router. Enter only the valid user_id and password to log in. Once logged into the router you will be able to see various settings for the router. You can also find the Default Login details from this Default Router Passwords List.

Customize Router Settings

When you are logged into the router, you can enable wifi interface or wireless interface. You will be able to customize wifi settings like

1) SSID name as desired

2) Authentic type

3) WPA-PSK & WPA2-psk

4) Use customer’s wireless security key

2wire provides their internet connection at the global level which means it supplies its network to the whole world with the help of broadband services.